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Brian's Computers

Here at Brian's Computers we live at the corner of New & Used

Want a new computer? We sell NEW computers!!!

Want a used computer? We sell USED computers!!!

Want a refurbished computer? We sell REFURBISHED computers!!!

Want a custom built computer? We sell CUSTOM BUILT computers too!!!

Used computers come in all the time. We take trade-ins from time to time and we have been known to purchase computers as well.

When these come in, we wipe and reload the computer. We make sure there's an antivirus, malware, and defrag programs installed along with making sure the computer is fully updated.

Sometimes we get diamonds in the rough. By adding bigger hard drives, more memory, and shaking the dust off, we can sell a really good used computer for a cheaper price that works as well, if not better than a new computer.

It's hard to keep a good used computer on the shelf. They usually sell as fast as they come in. Don't be afraid to ask us about used computers as well, if one's not on the shelf, we may have it on the desk getting ready.

New computers come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy laptops, towers with their monitor, keyboards, and mice, mini-towers, low profile towers, and all-in-ones.We also custom build computers to your specifications. Tell us what you want and we can build it.

When we say a "New Computer," that's what we mean. Nobody else has used it. However, here at Brian's we don't like sending out a computer straight out of the box. We will sell you one like that, if you want, but we prefer to turn it on, install virus & malware programs, and put a defrag program on your desktop. We also like to make sure that your computer is fully updated as well.

There's gaming laptops and towers as well as just regular, simple computers to use for school and surfing the web. Come on in and let us help you with your computing needs.

Before purchasing a computer, you REALLY need to know what you plan to do with it. You don't need a $3000 gaming computer to check your email and see what's on Craigslist. If you can afford a $3000 computer, by all means, buy it. However, if you plan to play modern high graphic games on your computer, the processor, video card, memory, fan, and power supply are all important according to your needs, especillay if you want a laptop or a mini tower. All regular towers can easily adapt to new parts, but laptops and mini towers can only hold so many and some parts are specific to those units.

Always ask before just purchasing any computer. Know what you can add-on later before it's too late.

We like to get in refurbished computers as well. When a computer is refurbished that means that it went back to the manufacturer for them to go through and get the computer going up to their standards. If it's a Dell, that means that Dell basically did what we do when we have a used computer come in, but they use the specific Dell parts for their computers. If it's an Acer computer, then Acer did it. Lenovo for Lenovo, you understand. Pretty much what you have with a refurbished computer is a new computer from the factory.

After we get them, we still like to add an antivirus, malware, and defrag programs. We also like to make sure that the computers are fully updated and ready to go. The computer manufacturers have their standards and we have ours as well. When you buy a computer from us, we want you to have as few problems as possible.